NGA River City Classic 2018

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Pro Division: Men's Open Pro Bodybuilding
Men's Master Pro Bodybuilding
Pro Women Figure

Men's Open Amateur Division: Lightweight (up to 156.25)
Middleweight (Over 156.25 to 172.25)
Light Heavyweight (Over 172.25 up to 189.25)
Heavyweight (Over 189.25)

Women's Physique Amateur Division: Open

Men's Novice Division: TBD

Men's Master Amateur Division: 40-49
60 and Over

Figure Women Amateur Division: Open Short
Open Tall
Master's Figure 35 years and older
Jr Figure (24 and under)

Women's Bikini Amateur Division: Jr Womens Bikini (24 and younger)
Open Class A Short
Open Class B Tall
Jr Figure (24 and under)
Masters 35 and older

Physique Men Amateur Division: Men's Physique Jr Class (24 and younger)
Master's Physique (35 and over)
Open Class Lightweight (up to 156.25 lbs)
Open Class Middleweight (over 156.25 lbs - 172.25 lbs)
Open Class Heavyweight (over 172.25 lbs)

Classic Bodybuilding Men Amateur Division: TBD

Teenage Men Amateur Division(16-19): TBD

Teenage Women Amateur Division(16-19): TBD